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Rank slip on?


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Don't think the ATS ever used these, their badges and rank structure were different from those of the Army.


This is a rank badge for Company Quartermaster Sergeant. It would fit my wrist (just). You can also find them for all 3 classes of Warrant Officer as well. With these ranks, normally insignia is located on the lower arm but in hot climates, in shirt sleeve order, a wrist band is worn with the rank displayed. And if you are working without a shirt, you're still identifiable as a Senior NCO.


Watch Harry Andrews the W.O. in Ice Cold in Alex. I think from memory his badge is on a leather backing which is a variation on yours.


As to the size, remember that people were generally smaller back then, the soldier this belonged to would have lived through the depression years (I think I'm doing that now, 2012's been pretty grim).


But back to the story, I'm certain it's a man's example and WW2, just a fairly slim one!


Well done, it's a nice find.



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The OD green drill material and metal button are very similar to that found on Indian made WW2 JG clothing.......


ATS wartime ranks were changed from 41 onwards to mirror the regular male Army ranks.......this included staff sergeant......


This band could be ex-female far east issue....or small male, Gurkha, etc...........personally, despite being an average 6' something modern male, I have very small wrists.......my tiny wife has wrists not much smaller than mine !! :red:

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