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Cleaning yellowing/dirty 'windows', in canvas doors


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As far as cleaning dirt, I'd stick with soap and water, anything more could attack the plastic.


The yellowing as far as I understand it, is a reaction to ultra-violet light attacking the plastic, and I don't think it can be reversed. That's why all the warplanes stored at Davis Monthan AFB in Arizona have a protective coating on the glazed areas.



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As an Ex manager of a Car valeting CO.


I would recommend a good quailty "CAR" window polish, such as Autoglym glass polish, or Autosmart glass glow, Do NOT use a household one, Braso , well im not sure what that would do, or a car wax would also work, if its low in Cutting compound.


Test on a small area.. If i could see the item I am 100% sure I would be able to solve



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Cheers for that, all.


Have gone the soap and water route,......better, but still 'filmy',........makes using the door mirrors a tad difficult. Might look to get the main section replaced. (rest of canvas in in too good a nick to replace all.)



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