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Bedford MJ battery information ??



Hi !


I've searched high and low, even learned the type of grease required to service the terminals, discovered that there *may* be an isolator switch under the seat, but cannot determine what the nominal battery size, AHr capacity and pin-outs are for an original MJ...


And, d'uh, it is a 24 Volt, rather than a pair of strapped 12 Volt units ??


Can someone please take a look under their prized vehicle and rescue me ??


The context is that the expedition's larger vehicles will be parked-up on the research site for much of their four months. Even with an isolator switch, there will be appreciable self-discharge. Okay, the vehicles could be 'idled' once a week but, when there's a perfectly good diesel generator supplying the camp, why not attach a 'three-stage' battery charger on a wander lead and 'freshen' them in rotation ??

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The battery master on our LHD is under the passenger seat on the right. Kind of hard to miss, big stupidly simple T handle to turn. Maybe on a different side for a RHD but its quite an obvious item.


The 24V system is from two 12 volts side by side. Fit the biggest batteries that the space can afford.


Frankly as long as you are not somewhere COLD then a simple 12 volt solar panel fitted to each battery with a bridge disconnect between the two is simple and effective and low cost and hassle free. Ensure it is the type with overcharge protection. I would make up a simple mast affair to mount on the holder for the roof hatch on the back of the cab to raise the panels to a point of maximum exposure.


If you have generator power then a 12volt trickle charger matched to the output of the generator with overcharge protection will work also.


Don't forget that being a manual transmission the Bedford is easy peasy to bump start by towing as long as you have a pair of competent persons. They start really easy from a flat battery status as I have found.


Be aware that battery fluid level should be checked as part of your first parade sequence of maintenance and that distilled water should be used, nothing else period. Learn how to make distilled water yourself an your away to the races


My 2 cents worth




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