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Power steering addition/conversion on Ex-MOD 110


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First post after my introduction so wish me luck: I've got an ex-mod 110 with the original 2.5 NAD. I am in the process of swapping the motor for a 300 TDi and this strikes me as a good time to add power steering to a truck that could really use some! Does anyone know of a conversion is feasible? Is there a conversion kit available? Is it just a matter of buying all the parts of the PS system and bolting them on? Unfortunately power steering was one of those mysterious systems I never bothered to learn much about so dumbing things down for me a bit would be nice! Thanks in advance for any info and I do apologize if this topic has already been covered.

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Just to clarify the motor I am putting in it is already out of the vehicle and prepared for mounting in a 110. It has a power steering pump and for a little more the seller will throw in a PS gearbox. My concern is I have no idea how to strap the contraption to my existing non-power steering. Thanks for all te quick replies.

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Forgot to ask, how are you mounting your engine. What issues have you come across with the exhaust.


I am considering buying a 110 and doing the same.






The transfer is going well. I spent a little extra in some pre-fab mounts. The exhaust requires a new down pipe but it will then tie into your existing system. I am considering upgrading the exhaust however since technology in this department has improved in the 30 years since mine was made.

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