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Flight 19


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In 1991 the wreckage of five Avengers was discovered off the coast of Florida, but engine serial numbers revealed they were not Flight 19. They had crashed on five different days "all within a mile and a half of each other".





The "Mystery" of Flight 19


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Has the mystery of Flight 19 ever been solved?



There was quite a convincing program about the "Triangle" several years ago. The answer is Gas Hydrates, and submarine landslides. This explains many, if not all the odd sightings and occurances in the area of the Triangle, and is a serious threat to under sea oil drilling, causing the loss of many rigs.


Methane Gas ( I pretty sure ) at depth and pressure forms Gas Hydrates; gas trapped in frozen water crystals. Billions of cubic metres of gas is trapped around the coastlines of many of the major continents, including through the "Triangle".


Submarine landslides can scour away the sand and slit above the gas hydrate layer, releasing the gas. As it bubbles up through the water, the sea appears to boil. Aggitated water creates large ion disturbance which affects compasses and electronic equipment. The bubbling water is also now significantly less bouyant causing ships to sink.


The gas is highly explosive. Flying a flight of aircraft with hot exhausts into the gas cloud would cause a massive gas explosion. Anyone who has seen a gas explosion knows how powerful they can be. The shreaded airframes would fall into the gasified ocean and sink. Any traces are then burried under the now settling ocean bed silt.


I have forgotten what the program was called, but it went into much more detail than I have here.



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I remember the plane found in 1991, mot flight 19.

The Methane gas theory is quite convincing.

Gas expanding under pressure and igniting gets very hot; I know...I got 3rd degree burns by such a incident.

It was a clean burn, it healed fast and without scars

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