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Hi Can't wait to spend hours trawling this site for info!


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Hi folks I currently have a part share in a C60L CMP with a wrecker body, which currently needs at least a new engine block, any info on a possible replacment engine or at least block for a 216 engine would be much appreciated? I also have recently acquired a Commer Q4 3ton 4x4 tipper for which I'm looking for any information on these vehical's especially how to find out some history of mine? I'd also like to try and track down and refit a winch to this vehical's as at some time the original one has been removed and any information on we're to locate service parts like filters and brake parts? Thanks in anticipation of some assistance.

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Welcome. Please add a location your profile so we know where you are though, and a first name would be good too.


No idea on Commer stuff, lots of CMP owners around here, and of course you know of the Maple Leaf Up forum where all the Canadian vehicle owners gather?


I've never had to find a spare block for one, but there are a lot about. I seem to remember the later 235 is a drop-in replacement and has better full pressure oiling, and I've seen that engine compartment with a GMC / DUKW 270 in it, or a 28 HP Bedford, and a variety of Perkins lumps.



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