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Help to identify this Jeep


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I know there are a lot of fella's on here that are really eagle eyed when it comes to Jeeps and also knowing the small details to look for....so.....any thoughts on this one would be very much appreciated..

My first questions are....

if it's a 1949 CJ3 (A or B?) where's it's external fuel filler?

and......isn't the dashboard 'wrong' for a 1949 in that shouldn't it have 4 extra small dials around the speedometer?....

...so.... has it had a earlier body put on it at some stage?.....I know some of you are eagle eye and know what to look for so if anyone can help with thoughts etc ?...Thanks in advance!


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It may even be an earlier CJ2A, but body and windshield have been modified. If I'm not mistaken it has the steering linkage affixed from the frame rather than the front axle, so it's not a WW2 frame. I don't know if there are differences between CJ2A and CJ3A frames; you might get a better response from http://www.g503.com/forums/ if you post it there.

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