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Hello from Oregon

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About a year ago I bought a 1942 Dodge WC54 Ambulance that I found on Craig's List. It was on a ranch near Pueblo, Colorado so I had it delivered and have been working on it in my spare time. I'm not doing a frame-off at this time because I want to get it on the road. It had big windows in the sides which I've removed and welded in steel panels. There was also a piece of aluminum on the right side which I replaced and I put a new skin on one of the back doors, too. The bodywork is nearly done now and I'll be painting it next month.


The 230 engine that came with it would have needed 2 sleeves so I found another one close by to replace it with. It's a 237 probably from a larger truck and it's 2" longer than the 230. I made new mounts for the front and had room to move the radiator forward also. I ran the engine several times before installing it and it ran great with 50# of oil pressure and good, even compression. It has a plate on the side which states it was rebuilt in the 90's.


I decided to put a winch on the front and found the correct bumpers and built whatever was still missing.


It should be in pretty good shape within another month or two and I'll enjoy driving it to town and in local parades.


Thanks, Dave

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