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anyone read these two D-Day books?


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My company is clearing out it's reference library and I have picked up D-Day 1944 -Voices From Normandy by Robin Neillands and Roderick de Normann along with D-Day - Those Who Were There by Juliet Gardiner. The latter "accompanies a major Meridian and Westcountry TV series" - so you can guess the age. Anyone read these????????

I like Robin Neillands solo books and have high hopes for this one. The latter is more of a TV series book with dodgy picture captions - thus Grants are Shermans. But it does have brilliant contemporary newspaper cartoons - some by the great Carl Giles. Please let me know if I should wade through this pair.


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I've started on the Neillands book. The opening chapter did not bode well at all, but now it has settle down with accounts from people who took part, it is worth a read. I am never sure how well co-authored books work because the style is diminished unless one is the researcher and the other is the scribe. But there will always be exceptions. The Meridian book is just a bit of froth, well meant but largely pointless, just there to cash in.

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