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REME 70th Anniversary: 16th June Arborfield

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To celebrate 70 years from formation, the REME organised a Corps Day last Saturday at the Arborfield Barracks.

I took my Airborne REME Lightweight Electrical Repair Trailer and travelled in convoy from Reigate with some other IMPS members.

We joined several vehicles from the REME reserve collection and the owner of a certain well known Ford.


Guess who turned up in the red Amphicar....suffice to say he is better known for DUKWs! Apparantly he alledges that the army really did test Amphicars in 1960s!


Here are a few photos of what was a very good day:


IMG_0826 (Medium).JPG

IMG_0827 (Medium).JPG

IMG_0786 (Medium).JPG

IMG_0788 (Medium).JPG

IMG_0795 (Medium).JPG

IMG_0798 (Medium).JPG

IMG_0802 (Medium).JPG

IMG_0805 (Medium).JPG

IMG_0806 (Medium).JPG

IMG_0807 (Medium).JPG

IMG_0808 (Medium).JPG

IMG_0819 (Medium).JPG

IMG_0822 (Medium).JPG

IMG_0824 (Medium).JPG

IMG_0825 (Medium).JPG

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It was interesting to talk to current serving REME who said that they wished they had a trailer as practical as the WWII version. They don't have a mobile drill press or bench grinder, just a basic cargo trailer full of tools (even if they are Snap_On).

They said they are issued with a Magdrill.....but as they pointed out, not a lot of use on alloy armour.

I got the impresioon that the procurement is made by others and doesn't involve the input from frontline troops.

Was it ever thus?


Met the Technical Curator for the REME Museum, who has since sent over a set of the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Reguations that usefully listed all the equipment to be carried on the Lightweight Airborne REME trailer. All I need to do now is find the missing kit.


A great day, but I understand it will probably not be repeated.

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