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1952 Pattern Parka


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There seem to be several variants of the venerable 1951 pattern parka introduced in answer to the bitter winter climate of Korea. I have examples of the early 1951 variant with no upper chest pockets, a very lightweight cotton shell (almost poplin) and fixed hood - 'Parka Middle'. I also have an example of the later version, 1953 onwards, made from sateen with upper and lower pockets and detachable hood - 'Parka Middle with detachable hood'. It also seems there was an intermediate (see pictures) version 'Parka Middle (1952 Pattern)' - that has upper and lower pockets, a heavier weight gaberdine type cotton and a fixed hood. Interesting to see the evolution over a short period of time....



So that is 3 different versions....anyone aware of any more?




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