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Nice load on Jimmy


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The truck nearest the camera has that 'uncared for' look which we strive so hard to avoid in our restorations, doesn't it? :cheesy:
I was just checking it wasn't ours actually NOS!!!!!!! :wow:
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I was just checking it wasn't ours actually NOS!!!!!!! :wow:



Yes, even I had to look twice Rosie!


I was sat looking at my GMC parked on the drive this evening as the sun went down (getting sentimental now) and thinking to myself, I must take that front bumper off and get Adrian Barrell to 'tweak' it a little and to iron-out the 0.24 degree angle of bend !


Having looked at that picture...................I'm now wondering whether to bother?


I can see this years latest 'War & Fleece' arena display as I speak.....................Red Ball Express road-run ~ Only those trucks laden with WWII German Jet Aircraft in pieces need apply!


Interesting angle on the exhaust tail pipe and the fact that it is fixed the wrong side of the mudguard - And that secondary headlight mounted under the front wing has a decidedly post-war showman's fairground wagon feel to it..............!

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