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CCKWs Being Assembled From Parts


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Just stumbled across a link to this fascinating piece of film showing CCKWs being assembled from parts.



Deadline, there is one shot of the engine where I'm pretty sure the rocker cover looks shiny ! :)


Regards to all



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Are you sure thay aren't CKD units? Complete Knock Down was used to save shipping space. The whole lot came as box of parts, Airfix on steroids!



Sorry, yes I agree with you. They look like CKD to me. I wonder what percentage of CCKWs came across to Europe that way ?

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That is a superb video. The clarity is amazing. The only other assembly video I have found is the one from youtube and its been digitized poorly.


The money shot is at 2:00 in the preview clip. To quote Mal from Firefly 'SHINY!'


Can't tell color for squat, but the gloss is there.


Also if you look at the 2:00 frame from the stills gallery you can see that the valve cover decals are located at the rear of the cover. I think its more common to see the decals up by the front/fan end, but I have seen a few with the decals at the rear.


And those are officially know as TUPs (Two Unit Packs). Two complete trucks in 3 crates


1 crate: frame, wheels etc

2 crate: cabs, fuel tank, bits

3 cargo beds


Whats also fantastic is that in the section where they show the cabs being wired, you can actually read many of the notes on the firewall.


One of my future projects will be to figure out what they wrote and the decals on the windshield from the factory.


That doesn't sound to difficult.


Great find!

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