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Hi From Sunny Scotland - Looking for help and advice

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Hi Folks


I am an EX TA driver with the Rickshaws, Camels and Taxis / RLC from 1989 through to 1998.


Whilst I would love to own the real thing, having a young family and no money means I am stuck with only building models of the vehicles I drove in 1/24 scale during my time in the TA.


So far I have nearly completed the Leyland/DAF 8x6 DROPS and King trailer,





I am half way through a Landrover Lightweight and Sanky trailer,



I am hoping that folks in the know, and those with the real vehicle might be prepared to help me with my latest project.

A Bedford TM build (possibly two builds in tandem) a 4x4 and a 6x6 General Service and Cargo bodies.



I need some basic chassis rail dimensions and detailing to get me started, as I need to scratch build chassis rails and cross members from bare plasticard.


When I built the DROPS, I had total access to take photos and dimensions over time. Unfortunately, there are no TM's local to me in Stirling, Scotland that I know of.


Perhaps someone might have one or know a man who has !!!!!!!!!!!


Hope you like the builds and can help me further.


Cheers from a sunny Scotland



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Welcome ;-)


I saw one of these outside a TA hall in glasgow a couple of months ago (No idea what it was there for)



I know a couple of the guys from the Scottish Military Vehicle Group have Bedfords, so it might be worth contacting them.




(I am a SMVG member but know virtually nothing about trucks)

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Adding in a bit
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Hi Toner and Steve !!!!!!!!! Thanks for the welcome to the forum !!!!!!!!!!! Some great pieces of kit being held by folks and making me totally envious !!!!!!!!


Had a chance to drive a Scammell Pioneer a while back and was grinning from ear to ear for days after !!!!!!!!!


Lotto win ,,,,,,,,,, where are you ????????????????????


I have put out feelers with the Scottish forum and see where that takes me. Thanks for the heads up !!!!!!!!!! Hopefully I will get some more pointers soon !!!!!!!!!



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