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Oil Additive

Rich C


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From their website:


Activ8, when added to a base oil, bonds into the metal surface at a temperature just above 50°C. Creating an extremely low friction surface that is able to withstand extreme pressure and help dissipate heat.

ACTIV8 is used in:




  • Car and Motorbike engines and gearboxes.


  • Mainstream and Sports motoring.


  • Classic cars and Kit cars.


  • Model engineering.


  • and in industry; giving businesses a product that helps improves profitability by reducing maintenance costs.


From the above description I would hazard a guess that it is maybe a product more suited to high precision or smaller gear drives / mechanicals where smaller tolerances and more precise gear surfaces are involved, than in something like a Champ driveline or anything bigger, where it is probably more of a case of trying to keep two worn / scored surfaces apart with a good layer of sticky lubricant.


But I could be wrong (I often am :cool2:).

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I've used Activ8 in Fairey Overdrives for 11 years now across 3 vehicles (one vehicle I've used it in for 8 years).


Comparing before and after noise, oil condition, etc, I would say it works exceptionally well IN THIS APPLICATION. :D

Quieter running, less breakdown of the oil, almost no particles/contamination since. I swear by it in Overdrives.


I have also used it in Land Rover gearboxes/TX boxes, but those experiments were largely inconclusive.


Careful what you add to your fluids, additives can cause weird break-downs of oil and component properties at elevated temperatures/pressures.



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