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  1. Iain, will listen out for you, will be mobile 06/05/17 Richard M6FSC
  2. Thanks guys, I had forgotten how full the engine bay is when it is all back together...roll on that day.
  3. Terry, If you can do a photo that would be great, I don't have a vacuum tank so guess it was all taken out and blanked off on the manifold. Onwards and upwards at least ever bit that goes back on gives me more space in the shed!
  4. Guys does anybody know where the vacuum takeoff is on the engine to run the wiper motor? Just put the engine back in so good Access!!!!
  5. Well done guys, I am afraid my restoration is mechanical and only the paint work that needs it! I do wish I had one of those cameras that fit on the head as putting things back together after a couple of years off is taxing my memory of where things come from! The detail I want always is just off image or behind something. Interesting to see your hydraulic pump as mine has extra mounts to the side wall. Also the air intake to the air pump is just a short bit of pipe... no filter.
  6. Andy, I have just fitted a 24 to 12 volt unit in 04CC12. I bolted the unit under the bottom of the single ammo box holder on the LH side. 24volt feed is from the junction box via 2 pin connector and the output is a motorcycle waterproof cigarette socket mounted below the hole in the ammo box holder. You have to take the ammo box out to plug something it but it is hidden! Rich C
  7. Hi, My Ferret hatches were all rusted solid, but by repeating a heating up with gas torch then quickly soaking with WD40/3in1 so it is drawn in on cooling, eventually things freed up. Good Luck.
  8. Is there a paint supplier who can consistently supply the correct colour? I have brought 5 tins at various times and only the first one from Marcus was spot on with the original British Standard 1960's colour patches. If I knew then what I know now I would have recorded the batch number.
  9. Has anybody tried Activ8 Oil Additive in Austin Champ Axle, Ferret wheel hubs and B series Engines?
  10. Apart from the linkages on the spline shafts for gear select and GCP, are the gearboxes the same?
  11. Thanks All Engine is now out and about to take gearbox out, looking at slinging a chain across inside as the old side visor hinges are big enough for a shackle to fit in (MK6/7). then lift from the chain to get a plank under the gearbox and transfer box. That is the plan! Rich C
  12. Thanks both, I have been working with av/BAOR/61/3 which is to remove both together is a little short of information. Looks like the 2 big nuts/bolt heads to the back of the collars. I have taken photos but have yet to work out how to attach to messages. Also have checked the pressure reliefs on front bevel boxes while engine out. Rich
  13. Can the gearbox be separated from the transfer box with the latter left in the vehicle? If yes how do you get to the nuts at the bottom of the gearbox? I have the engine out now! Thanks Rich
  14. Reg, Is there a trick to get the oil pipe engine to oil tank off? I am trying to get the oil tanks out ready for engine out, would like to undo at the engine rather where the pipe goes into the tank. Is there a special tool? Thanks richard
  15. Hi Did you use a standard seal in the FFW? or is it like the Ferrets? Rich C 05FF33
  16. Hi, Is there a Saracen UK Owners Club? I would like to make contact with other owners and the experts out there, as I have items missing inside and web photos never show the area I am interested in! Rich C
  17. It is very impressive what you have achieved getting the engine out and fixed. I am interested in the hoist arrangement as I probably need to do something similar (would buy a 434 but no where to keep it according to the Boss) Is there a bar spreading the load/fixture on the roof by the turret? Rich C
  18. Monty, Thanks for comments, I hope I can get a few helpful hints with the Saracen as there is a lot to do! The Ferret was my first project which I reused some parts rather than 100% new. Saracen will be different as I want it 100%. Rich C
  19. Rich C Here trying to get rid of the big yellow Introductions board! Based in Tiptree where the best jam comes from (got to keep in with the local land owners) Started with a scrap Ferret 04CC12 told to try a Saracen next it is "only a bigger ferret" However working on a champ for the boss has got in the way. Now given up work so I can get on with the Sarry, while strong enough to move things. A wheel change solo is my limit.
  20. Dear All, Mandy's email has changed to canadaleaf5@btinternet.com! Prices under review as the original 15/19 KRH's was double skinned whilst the Sergeant's was single.
  21. Clive, Thanks for the diagram it will speed up my sorting the electrical problems out. Next I need a Haynes manual for gearbox fix!!!! Rich C
  22. Hi Montie, I will have to get to there with a camera and take pictures inside but it is in a mess as I am trying to replace the seals on the steering shafts by the steering wheel. it looks like I have to take the handbrake post out of the way to get it apart. I found the fault which stopped main headlights by isolating the wires and using a multi-meter but the side lights have been hard wired into a feed ahead of the switch on the starter box. A good puzzle to solve. Richard
  23. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a Saracen ? I am staring to restore my Mk6 but one of the many jobs is to restore working lights etc doing well but I do have a mess to sort out. Help please Richard C
  24. Gareth, try "http:homepages.tesco.net/~canadleaf5/EAFVG/index.htm" I have set the domain to look at this page but it is taking longer than 48hours to come through. I have added another little event in Colchester, ant there are bound to be Typos and missing bits. All comments accepted. Will look at your web site next. Richard
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