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Can anyone identify this bit of (potential) Ferret kit for me?


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Previous owner of my Ferret was quite a collector at the local shows and would pick up anything that was marked as "Ferret".


He grabbed this piece because it was marked as such but had no idea what it was.


Best I could figure it was some sort of canvas cover for the hull hatches when in storage but I have yet to try and fit it on the hull to test the theory.


Here are the pics:







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NOT for Ferret as far as I know. I have NEVER even seen this item before in service. I worked on a Lot of Ferrets in the Army, & consider myself fairly well aquainted with all Ferret related equipment.


using Logic, the Ferret is really cramped enough as it is when full laden in the Combat role.

Adding equipment such as this, would not be practical, Or indeed fit on/in the vehicle's stowage facilities with all the other

C.E.S & Personal gear on board!


Sorry, but I dont think it is for a Ferret.

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