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  1. I know someone with a Saracen whose turret is one of the triple door variety and I was looking at getting the gun mount from it for one of my Mk 2/3 Ferrets (2-door turret). Does anyone know if the gun mount from that type of turret would fit the earlier model turret?
  2. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone, with your help I got everything squared away. I'm very new to this and thus all the stupid questions, I do read the manual but sometimes either there are things not in the manual or just seeing it described a different way leads me to greater understanding. I do appreciate it.
  3. Thanks, that's perfect. I had come to a similiar conclusion after doing a little manual drawing (I hadn't worked with batteries in series, thus my ignorant question) but I hadnt determined yet (due to work) which cable was the interconnecting one.
  4. Back was feelin' stronger today so I took a crack at the air cleaner and got it off (sloooowly) Question on putting batteries back in, in series, When I took them off I treated each independently, took of Neutral then Positive on both sides then went to the other battery and did the same. But was thinking that might not be the right way. When putting them back in should I put positive on both batteries and then Neutral on (air cleaner side first?) and then the other neutral on. Or does it just not matter.
  5. Ah well I think the batteries are dead I thought hand cranking would overcome that but I guess not. I will have to wait for the back to get better to get the batteries out. Anything special about getting the battery out from under the air cleaner housing?
  6. Had someone come over to help crank, he could get it cranking continous for about 20 seconds before he pooped out. I had the choke out, in neutral, squirted a bit of brake cleaner into the carb, master switch on, tried for a hour before I called it for the time being.
  7. Nothing else? Just hand crank clockwise until she starts? and you're done?
  8. I looked in all the manuals I have access too and can't find it. What is the proper procedure for using the hand crank on a Ferret? Im assuming it should be in neutral, and master switch on, what else needs to be done?
  9. Looks like my trickle charger wont charge if the batteries arent at least partially charged above a point where these batteries are currently. As soon as I can find the hand crank procedure for a Ferret I will call in a friend for a quicky crank and get this thing moved. I've checked 5 manual still cant find the procedure.
  10. Im looking in my manual under startup procedure and I see using the slave cable and starting by towing. What is the proper sequence for using the charging handle (I might be able to get someone to help for that).
  11. I have a Ferret with dead batteries (just delivered from England), would it be possible to trickle charge in place and if so would the terminals have to come off to trickle charge the batteries (I have 2 12 volt trickle chargers). I would just pull the batteries but I just threw my back out and need to get the Ferret moved ASAP. Thus the question looking to do the minimum movement possible.
  12. So I am trying to change out the coolant in my Ferret, is there a trick to getting the induction manifold drain tap open? Its in an akward spot and I cant tell if it moves, up down, left right, etc. My attempts of blind manipulation have failed so I was wondering if anyone had advice.
  13. I see, looking at "Ferret, Unit Repair" manual, I see what you mean, you are compressing everything down into the bottom of the wheel cylinder by putting pressure on the middle tooth and lining it up with the other two. Right now the banjo bolt is off because I was going in reverse order of the disconnect procedure in the manual, I'll reconnect and check for general functionality before reattaching.
  14. Interesting. The fingers will squash together? When I looked at them this morning I could only get movement outwards , I will try with something more than finger force but still be gentle.
  15. Levers of wheel cylinder and the tappets/actuators I need to spread out somehow to get wheel cylinder in. Any ideas of a tool/technique to use to get things spread out?
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