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Hello from the Eastern part of Holland

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Although I have posted a few messages in the past, I never introduced myself so here we go.


I am Auke Dijkstra from Haaksbergen Holland. I got my first MV in 1989 and like most of you it started to get worst from then on..


My vehicles are mainly WW2 and there are also some armoured vehicles.

The armoured ones are: a M3A1 Stuart , a M5A1 Stuart, a T-16 and a Sherman/Grizzly.

The other MV's: GPW, early MB, Humber Heavy Utility 4x4, Chevy Panel K-51, Chevy 1.5 ton 4x2 dump, Dodge T110 dump, Federal 604 + trailer, Federal 606 and a Cushman box scooter. For pulling and lifting we have a FV-434.


Every second weekend of September we organize for the Dutch "Keep Them Rolling" organisation one of the best MV events in NWE and certainly the biggest in the Netherlands. We have a very nice 45 km tank route along normal roads and the beautifull countryside and a part of the route follows the advance made by the British Guards Armoured Division and 43 Wessex Division in april '45.

There is always a large quantity of WW2 MV's attending and many are very rare.

This is our website: www.twente-achterhoekweekend.nl .




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