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Falklands Weekend 5/6th May - Portsmouth Dockyard

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Hi Guys


Is there any vehicle owners in the Portsmouth area of the types of vehicles used in the Falklands conflict interested in attending an Falklands weekend next month.


I know it is short notice, but if interested please can you contact me so I can forward your details to the Dockyard/RN.



S3 109 Hardtop or Soft tops



Beford Mk/MJ

Bedford RL (Recovery Only)

BV202 Snowcat

ST 4




Centurian BARV

Eager Beaver

Towed rapier


Vehicles should be in the apropiate colours ie. Black and Green.



There is no camping or overnight facilities.



OC Forces 80

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I can't help with a vehicle but if you have access to an Amateur radio station we will be happy to give you a call from a similar event here at the Suffolk Aviation Heritage group near Ipswich on the Sunday - we hope to have most of the Clansman radios that went South operational on the day


Regards & best wishes for your event



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Probably mostly 14MHz as the 322 is unconverted so USB only - we may try 3.615MHz AM first thing around 11am - our callsign will be GB2CRF


There is a topic for it somewhere under future events with no recent replies, if you want to continue there...





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I agree - you are probably too close - I expect to start on 3.615 MHz AM or 7.187 MHz AM subject to conditions and interference before moving up to 14MHz to hunt as many other countries as I can. I will PM you my mobile and direct e-mail so you can ask for an update on our working frequency during the day. What callsign should we listen out for ?





(apologies for hijacking the Portsmouth thread)

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