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  1. Hi WD One of our FB memebers has posted numerous pics of a trials Urban camo uniform he trialed as part of the Berlin Brigade. He acquired it straigt from SASS. He has the Smock, trousers and the combat vest. Ta Jon
  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Unusual-1960s-DPM-Combat-Smock-/180915242265?pt=UK_Collectables_Militaria_LE&hash=item2a1f638519
  3. Very Nice and they are fat bugger sizes, but again post falklands and they have the tapes inside in white. Jon
  5. Hi I have updated the Forces 80 Rat pack web Page http://www.forces80.com/ration_pack.htm Comments are welcome, have I missed any thing? Ta Jon
  6. No. There are no markings. I did think it may be non issue but the cloth feels right for MODand the stitching is too well done. Jon
  7. Found a near mint size 7 60 pat DPM and a weired hat in the same material. The hat but I have seen a picture of one somewhere. Below is the inside and then the outside laid flat. Trousers label. Jon
  8. We picked up a set of Mk1 webbing at Elvington for £5......Couldn't get the cash out fast enough. Nice to know there are honest traders still out there. Jon
  9. Ok...you rich; flash barsteward, whats the difference between normal 60 pat and Irish 60 pat? Ta Jon
  10. wdbikemad The ACF 1982 manual does not show or mention a DPM smock within its dress regs, I thought they were a mid 80's thing. Ta Jon
  11. ALSO please remember which is one main contributing fact and regulary forgotten THE ROYAL MARINES ARE NOT ARMY they are NAVY And the Navy precurred their kit seperatly from the Army and because of this they tended to have kit in service before the Army (Hilegs) and proberly prurchased fould weatehr kit way ahead of the Army.
  12. Reversables were indeed in the Falklands, A look through the 1982 dated cavandish Falklands series of magazines shows numerous people wearing them. A mortar crew springs to mind. Was it not the commando's taht had just completed a Artic excersie just as they left for the Falklands so still had all the artic kit. Jon
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