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Regiment Issue needed please


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82 Air Asslt Sqn , 13 Air Assault Regt RLC (Supply Sqn)


13 Air Assault Support Regimentrlc-specialist_13_Air_Ass_Regt_200.jpg


have the same DZ flash and tac sign colours although this one shows the para formation symbol and there is an 82 sqn as part of 13 AA Sp Regt which would fit in with the other formation sign with the key which is the symbol for class II supply (clothing/tentage etc)

also the bottom of the unit sign (with the key) has the line Vee symbol denoting air assault etc




see http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/101-5-1/f545-c4e.htm for more of them




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No probs, hope it is what he is looking for. here is the other sign showing the bottom bit (Line Vee) for air asslt 3rd one down, if image not working properly just click on it for larger version





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