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68 Pattern Trousers-DATED.

Scotch Harry

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Wow,glad i dug the suit out to check as to me with these makers,print type,dots,colours etc do not interest me in the slightest but whilst taking pics of the label noticed that these trs are dated 1972. I have NEVER seen an item of 68Patt dated before.













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I agree.....only ever seen CW as a manufacturer with dated 68 pattern trousers (nearly all 72 dated too)....never any smocks........I THINK CW is "Compton Webb" but it could also be "Clifford Williams" (an old battledress manufacturer)...?


Yep, 60 pattern (in DPM) made during 1970 and 68 pattern entering production during 1971.....

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Steve - they manufactured smocks also although they are pretty uncommon. Attached is a picture of a label for a NOS size 9 68 pattern smock dated 1971. For some reason many of the labels were not terribly well printed and can be a little faint.



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