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Hi from Sydney

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Hi all

Just joined the forum. Back in 1987 I bought an Austin Champ from a dealer here in Sydney and decided to restore it after having a lot of fun driving around Sydney with it. Unfortunately halfway through the project I had to sell it, as I had to move premises and didn't have room to store it anymore. I am currently trying to find what happened to it, although I think it will be a monumental task, as too much time has passed. I have attached a photo of it taken in 1987 soon after I bought it.


I have now been bitten by the Champ bug again and being older (probably not wiser) I will approach the project very differently. There are still quite a number of Champs out here in Australia, although their numbers I believe are dwindling. I have my heart set on one, and I will hopefully go and have a look at it in the next few weeks.


Hopefully this forum will help me with my long, but never boring, restoration project!




Simon De Marchi


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Welcome in........ thats a fine looking machine, I drove them in Germany when they were new (1950s) I always thought that they were a great little machine, I can understand why you would like to get your hands on another one.

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