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Bedford RL ,Bordon area.


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Hi, have a RL which I have owned for the last ten years and is now getting neglected, anyone in the Bordon area or slightly beyond who can give me a proverbial kick up the area to get her going again.

Did toy with idea of selling her but was vetoed by the kids who promptly started arguing over who was going to inherit her, nice.

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It is frightening how fast vehicles outside deteriorate.


I never got to the bottom of the problem with the brakes and why the pedal took so long to return, and now I have found bad rust under the cab which will have to be sorted asap plus the bottom of the locker boxes looks none to clever.


I can weld and have been pricing up mid range arc welders ,as that it what I am happy using, just need inspiration.


Also on the list is to finally admit she would be better with an alternator ,look out for some window and door seals , get the fuel gauge working (even more important now as my guesstimates are wildly out with fuel prices going up so much) and get that bloody cupola cover sorted.


The push ignition switch has been dodgy for a while, have stripped and cleaned it but it still causes some heart stopping moments at garages .


There is also the long saga of the missing dog leg roof bars ,did toy with having some made up out of scaffold poles .


Would love to one day put a workshop body on the back which would make it a bit more comfortable at shows.



Not much really!!

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