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432 internal renovation seeking advice on replacement material and availability


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Hi all just wondered if you can point me in the right direction

renovating the inside of my 432

looking for the make and availability of the material that covers the foam panels on the walls and door of the vehicle

can this covering be painted successfully to refresh it and what kind of paint

however i would like to replace it with new vinyl if its available

do you also know the type of adhesive that will be needed

Any help will be greatly appreciated



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Dennis it is Dunlop "Trakmark" it was very expensive & has been unobtainable for many years. It was used in the yachting world & 25 years ago I obtained some large off cuts from a place that built racing yachts & it was in that nice beige.


About 15 years ago I bought a large roll from Withams & relined a Shorland. Unfortunately it was maroon but I got the right colour by using Light Stone pinked up with red oxide. The problem was being matt, it rubbed of a bit around edges.


I am currently relining another Shorland & am experimenting with various gloss paints. I bought very close to the right colour from B&Q unfortunately when I tried to pink it up I realised I was sold that water colour paint.


I use a thixotropic glue but be wary as now foam just soaks glue up & collapses. I glue that grey sleeping roll on, wait for it to set, then trim it with a sharp blade then glue on the Trakmark. When that has set peel back the edges of the foam & glue in the edges of the Trakmark.


You'll need to keep coming out for air!

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