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I am about to get this NCRS Communications Cabin, they are about 1.8 ton Overall Length: 13ft 6 inches

came in to service in 1995, this was operated by Signal Regiment.

(NCRS is an adaptive high frequency radio system, consisting of a pair of HF radios controlled by a microprocessor. System)


what I need to know is did they use landrovers 110/101 to pull them or MK trucks ?

ne1 got a photo of one set up ? ne1 got one






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I had one 3rd hand that had already been stripped. See




Which I will be updating with more radio related detail shortly.


Empty they are ok to tow with a LWB landrover if a bit front heavy - equipped please note the label on the side of the tow bar that the towing vehicle must be ballasted to 2350KG - also I understand from someone who knew them in service that there was a 40mph limit. Usually they were towed by LWB landrovers but I think even a Pinzgauer or 101 would need some ballast to make 2350KG?


Given that the space inside was smaller than a RB44 box body and the load well under a ton I am not sure why a trailer was used !


One other thing to beware of is that the braking system locks if the park brake is left on for 6 weeks or so - I had that happen to me - always put the feet down and release the brake! I have some photos of dismantling the brake drums somewhere if I can find them!


I ended up getting a larger truck and then realising it was bigger inside than the NCRS cabin!





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Thank you for the reply, had seen your page befor, are they drum or disc brake ?

the one I hope to get has the full kit inside but not shore if its all working.

can you tell me if this unit had an ATU or did it use w/b ant,


would like to see some photos of the inservice set up



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I have been promised some in service photos for my website rebuild but don't have them yet.


They are drum brakes with a hydraulic overrun system and a cable parking brake acting on the same cylinder. The cable doesn't have any way to physically move the shoes when the brake handle is released, if the springs won't, which is what caused the problem. I had to take the drums off and reset the shoes, which was a pain because there are no holes for screws to push the drum off the hub in a controlled way :( If I can find the photos I took at the time, I will post them here.


The main antenna was the Racal Granger 4065 broadband fan dipole (I grabbed a screenshot when it was still on the Andrew Antennas web site) with a Racal 15 metre pump up mast - see http://www.g0ozs.org/misc/Racal_457_Mast. There is no ATU. This antenna is untuned and works from 2 to 30 MHz - the price is that a lot of the power ends up in resistive terminations at the ends of the wires which is probably why the Skanti 250W and 750W transmitters (which have a marine heritage) were used.




A separate receive only broadband dipole was used with a Racal MA675 9-metre 8 section fibreglass mast for the 2nd radio which was, I think, either receive only or used to manage the data connection only.


Skanti did manufacture ATUs for the marine versions of these sets so adding a pair in the place under the front table where the Plessey message handling and link control processors are fitted would probably be a good idea. There is a skanti_radios group on Yahoo which has a lot more technical info on both the NCRS and marine versions.






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