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How to Put Free Pictures on an Ebay Listing (Tutorial)


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I have looked around and haven't seen this put on before so correct me if I am wrong.


To me this is the most essential part of an Ebay listing if you want to get the best prices for things that you are selling.


It is always re-assuring to see lots of pictures of the item you are buying and it makes you more confident to put in the extra bid, but you may think that even though one picture is free on Ebay, you will have to pay an extra price for more pictures. There is a way to get unlimited free pictures on the description of your listing, also Ebay allows you to do this, it is not against their rules.


First of all go on Ebay and click sell. Next you will be confronted with a page asking for "key words" and weather you want a "Quick Sell" or "Advanced Sell". Click "Advanced" otherwise it will not work.







Next follow Ebays instructions with the title etc. Then use the free picture space given.


Now go on to www.photobucket.com or a similar site and upload your photos.


Next go to the description box on your ebay page set-up and write your description




Now go back to photobucket and choose your first photo, hover your mouse over it and you should get a selection of boxes appear above or beneath it, click on HTML code, it should automatically copy when you click on it.


Now go back to the ebay page set-up for the description, at the top of the description box there are two options "Standard" or "HTML" ( You should be on standard). Click on HTML, a load of arrows and symbols will appear where your description once was, do not panic and just leave it as it is.



Click at the end of all the letters and symbols and press enter so you go down a line. Now paste the HTML code from the Photobucket page.




Now you photo is on there! If you click to go back to standard you should see your photo on the page.


If the writing appears next to the photo just click between them and click enter.


If you want more photos repeat what you have already done; copy the next photo's HTML code, paste it on the HTML page beneath the other code and it should be on there.


All this helps to get the best results from your Ebay listings.


Any questions just ask



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I wonder how long before they catch on and put in a fix to stop this happening as they are not called Epay for nothing lol


It's strange that they havnt put a stop to this, i have been doing it for several years and nothing has been done to prevent it.

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