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Need help Identifying WWII German Trailer


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Good Day folks.....


I have been lurking here for a while and now I need your expert help with a German Trailer Identification. I am from the Colonies and we do not see many of these on this side of the pond. I am hoping that you guys may be more familiar with this and tell me what it is and what era is it from.


I have been given the opportunity to buy this trailer and need help identifying it.


The seller states that it is WWII and was brought back to the US by an Army Officer who was in the post war occupation force. He packed all his personal belongings into the trailer and shipped his stuff home that way.


The trailer is "Allegedly" a Mercedes (or Damlier)Benz trailer. Looks like 1/2 ton. It rides on a torsion bar. Has 40's era Mercedes wheels with hub caps. The trailers base coat is a dark blue green with hints of desert tan or camo light green under the red paint. It has openning front and rear doors and one side of the roof panel opens for access from above. It is sheet metal stretched inside a 3/4 inch angle iron super structure. There is no frame like on a WWII Ben hur. The towing bar runs from the the front hitch to the rear pintel.


The floor is 3/4' Oak slats It has no brakes. Where the sheet metal sides meet the bottom frame is rusted through all the way around and the sides will need replacing.










Any body know what this is?


Thank you for your time.


Bill wolf


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First I would like to Thank all those who contacted me on and off list about this trailer. Seems it is extremely rare.


I took a chance and bought a book off of ebay titled German Military Trailers and Towed Equipment 1935-1945 authored by Horst Beiersdorf.


It arrived today and inside I found the following picture




(Please excuse the poor scan as the book picture is a scan of the Technical manual and I reduced the size considerably to reduce bandwidth)


As it states it is a SD.AH.25/2 signal corps trailer.


Guess it is extremely rare here in the States so I will buy it.


Anyone know where I can get a Wehrmacht Service Manual "D" which apparently covers this trailer.


Thanks to all again and if you find anymore information please forward it on.



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