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Continental Engine avaliable


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A 4 cylinder 4.5" bore Continental type R engine has been listed under finds and discoveries in the November magazine The Automobile.

I do not know if it is WW1 but looks about right, also the bore size may make it large enough for a commercial, I do not know which used these? perhaps the wise and knowable can comment?

Could be used as a substitute engine until a correct one can be found for someone without an engine.


More info here: http://forums.aaca.org/f129/early-continental-engine-what-does-fit-307407.html



1 003.jpg

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Looks similar to the 423ci Continental used for the FWD Battleship, installed in the spring of 1909 and still installed. It made about 50 brake hp according to the spec sheet on the car. In the pics I have of the various FWD touring cars built at least one other had this engine but some also had Wisconsin T-heads as was used in the first Model B and Model G. Here's a pic of the Continental as it appeared in the Battleship a few years back. The curator who taught me how to start and drive the car told me that it hasn't had any engine work at least since the 'teens. I'm no expert at starting these old cars, but it started on about the fourth pull on a 35F day.


The Nancy Hank (the last surviving production FWD touring car) was not so nice. It has a Wisconsin and getting it started about killed me. I cranked for about a half hour. As I hung draped, sweating and exhausted over the radiator shell, the curator asked, "You done?" I said, "Well, I got one more crank in me." I did and she started. The curator later grinned suddenly as we were out driving the Nancy Hank saying, "Yeah, old Nancy goes pretty good but she sure needs a lot of foreplay, don't she?"




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