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  1. Made up some brackets tonight to get a buzz for finishing the back end, this fits in perfectly. Now to work out correct half shaft lengths and modify said items and half shaft tubes need bringing back to correct width to suit my chain centres. There is only four more holes in the rear of the chassis left, these are for the silencer. Dan
  2. Thankyou, I am sure hoping to push on with it, been too long and I now have all the key parts to press on.
  3. Happy new year, progress so far. Rear has been stripped down, rubbed back and repainted, also had to do an amount of woodwork to get things to my standard. Once the rear is finished, will move to the front of the truck including making a new cab and parts for engine. Let's see if I can finish this project this year all going well and funds permitting.
  4. Made up the second side lamp bracket and lengthened the other one as it didn't look right. Will need to figure out front lamp brackets next, but need to find out the mounting bracket centres on the large king of the road self generating lamps , i think a 10"lense
  5. Hello all, things are stirring within the doors of my workshop??? Gearbox crossmember had to be moved forwards about 6" due to being in wrong place for the gearbox to sit at the needed height and position. Regards Dan
  6. Hello all. After many things going wrong and moving our workshop to new premises twice I am pleased to say we have now found a decent workshop. Nearlly twice the size of any other we have rented before, this means the Halley is now in the machine shop and will make working on her so much easier. I have also purchased an Albion A10 gearbox to fit into my chassis, it does need modifications to suit as my chassis and wheels are narrower than that of the A10. I am hoping to start pushing on this project again as danger is, if I leave her for much lon
  7. Success, we have just towed the Halley about four miles about the place trying different road conditions, curves speed ect. The steering is perfect, everything works first class, had the Halley up to 26mph and felt very stable and could be steered with one hand easily, even done some full lock manovers with no dragging of outside wheel. This is a large step in this truck as it proves all my hard work so far and sets the foundation firm for building the rest on, maybe Brexit should take some notes from WW1 truck builders! Next job is to finish working out an
  8. It is also with very deep sadness to find out that Jim passed away recently. Jim is the guy who supplied so much info towards my truck, including documents and information that without this info the project and progress so far would not have been possible to achieve the level of correct details that it is at. My deepest condolences to Jim's family, such a shame Jim never got to see the Halley in the flesh, also I never got chance to meet him in person. RIP Jim, your help and advise on this project are immeasurable.
  9. Hello All, well after along wait, I have finally finished the keyways on the steering box and drop arm, I am hoping to trial run the steering for the first time tomorrow if the weather keeps off. Going to pull it about for a few miles on a strap to see how the steering feels and responds to the road ect, and then if any issues, then make notes of them and once im resettled with stuff, I will have machinery to start moving forward with this project.
  10. Shame my truck won't be joining in with any events this year, would like to, but it won't be going to any shows for a while yet.
  11. A really impressive job there, well done indeed. (\,,/)
  12. Hi all, thankyou for the responses to my previous question, I still have not been able to progress with the con rods, things been a lil crazy here plus the fact the truck is 15 miles from any machinery or workshop, I am hoping this will change in the near future with yet another move of our works. I have been playing with pain colours and so on, but, am needing to do some modifications to the cab as a things need changing and altering to achieve the correct look and appearances that I am wanting from it to get best results from the basic shell. Regards Dan
  13. Thankyou, if you do have details that would help me on this, even ideas on the float.
  14. Hi all, just some bits I been doing, mostly replacing studs and cleaning up cam followers, I have also dry fitted the camshaft, but this still needs some machining done to it to repair some damage. The valve faces in the cylinders have just been remachined and valves ground to match them. So will start to look into con rods next and patterns for water fittings. Will also start needing to look into the flywheel assembly. Also, can anyone help with info on the bottom picture, this is the remains of the oil gauge, but as you can see, it is missing the float and pointer.
  15. I think the tank they just recreated is a wonderful piece of engineering, recreating a mk 1 is something I also wish to do one day. So good on him and the team for the efforts they put in.
  16. Finally got the bulkhead top sorted out and dry fitted, starting to really look good now. Also decided to use Tommo's colour of khaki, it looks about right on this, now to get the rest stripped and painted, including stripping body off to finish and make steel brackets for reinforcevent.
  17. Hi Ben, sorry for not replying sooner, I think that would do perfect as the 18"od was the largest od I could get into the gap, so this is probablyabout right. I am definitely interested in a set, i just have to raise up money for it.
  18. Hi, the hoops were 2" angle iron, tgen wood slats ontop to support the canvas between the hoops.
  19. I did think about having some basic conrod profiled out of plate, then machine to finish and lighten, but still a lot of work compared to getting cast.
  20. Looking awesome, really coming along now. What die is tge flywheel, I am needing one for my engine as all is missing, the largest I can go it 18" od, as tge steering box is opposite tge flywheel.
  21. Hi all, sorry I haven't replyed to each post singularly, and thankyou all who have replyed. I have done some more to the truck but progress is slow, the steering box is now only needing the key ways machining and setting up drag arm, then that is another part finished. I have also been doing some more bits on the engine, and have been kindly allowed to borrow an engine frame to be able to rotate it to work on the con rod development. I have also managed to sort out the final part for the bulk head, so now it really is looking more or less what it should.
  22. Hello all, so been starting to look more into engine and started to make parts to replace original parts and missing bits, plus also so other details for engine. Have also started to strip down , inspect and clean gearbox. One of my next jobs is to make a frame to hold the engine to allow me fit parts above and below. I am hoping to fit the crank and cylinders so I can make a wood con rod, to check tolerances and final details before I make the pattern. I have also machined the replacement water jacket covers for the cylinder tops and made up the bolts to hold it, so next patte
  23. Hi all, well, Halley came home yesterday, so now time to start finishing a few things and start painting, really hoping to get as much as I can done in the next few weeks.
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