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Can anyone suggest reading material on Morris Quad Artillery tractors please?

Uncle Morris

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Hi All, This is my first time on HMVF so please be gentle. I am looking for any books available on Morris quads. It has been a ambition / dream to acquire one of these classic vehicles for many years and I would like to do some homework before looking in earnest.

Any help much appreciated.



Uncle Morris.

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Ive just acquired a 1944 Morris commercial (the later version of the quad), have just started taking it apart to start on the chassis, so I done some intensive research before buying. I couldnt find any books relating to them. There is a series just started in CMV magazine on the Morrises, and there was an article in Wheels and Tracks and there are numerous pics on websites. a good website for pics of the Morris is http://www.afrika-korps.de/forum


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Hi, all,


Many thanks for your replies. Yes I would love to get copies of any manuals etc... pleasecontacy me to arrange.


Here is another question for you; can you drive a quad on a standard driving licence or would it need a n HGV licence?


Also, Is there a website that would allow me to educate myself re: models and body types etc... of Morris commercial and quad artillery tractors?


As usual any help much appreciated. Thanks,


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You should try doing a google search and try typing in various different versions of Morris. Type in Morris CS, Morris commercial etc see what you get. Have a look at Keith Brookers pages from MVT Essex Branch. By the way, does anyone know where or how I can get my dizzy sorted. Either getting it reconditioned or know what part numbers make up the rotor arm, condenser etc? Is there a modern day equivalent by Lucas or Intermotor?

Also try a peek at this website http://www.afrika-korps.de/forum my German isnt that good, but there are some good pics of Morris on there in North Africa.

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