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Border Fine Arts S1 Land-Rover. 1st Trial



I have a figurine from the stable of Border Fine Arts, its title is 1st Trial, my question is this, on the front cross member (where the power take off would come through from the gear box, there is a No 2 stamped on the chassic member, this figurine was copied from the real vehicle, can anybody tell me please whats the 2 for, also I notice that the exhaust pipe from the cylencer sticks out rather a long way, was this standard practice for the 1948 models. I have asked these questions on a Land Rover Forum, but all I get is sarcastic remarks, so I am asking the sencible experts now.Looking forward to your replies.:wow::kissoncheek::tup:::drive::banana:

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Not sure about the No.2, but a lot of pattern Series exhaust boxes had an excessively-long tail pipe that protruded beyond the body - I always used to saw mine off at a 'tasteful' angle so it looked better. More importantly, it didn't hit the canes on LandRover trials sections:-D



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