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Rover 24v ignition filters - routinely changed?


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Those of you who have Rover 24v systems have no doubt noticed that the black filter box with the ballast resistor has a date stamped on the top.


There are usually 3 stampings, CH26 & to the right of it a number that seems to change & on the line below a month & year.


However I have so far only identified (from the boxes I have) 62, 69 & 70. I have seen a couple of NOS ones which are undated. I have not been able to see if the capacitors were dated. Maybe the capacitors in these are of later & more reliable design & date monitoring was no longer required?


Inside you will find the capacitors are marked with a year usually the same as the box.


Capacitors do deteriorate with time & although this would become increasingly obvious when the distributor capacitor fails, it might not be noticed in the filter box. Extreme failure would mean raised levels of ignition interference on the radios.


I wonder whether owners of FFR vehicles when they next look in the engine bay could make a note of the number to the right of CH26 & the date stampings please.


Then to see if that filter box date is the same age as the vehicle or whether a pattern emerges of replacement after say 10 years.


Or maybe they were only replaced if interference became a major issue?


Many thanks.

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Andy thank you for looking.


CH26 is the Lucas general number for the filter unit. So far I have identified specific types







So 47206D is another one.


The very early filters had 2 capacitor & 1 choke, later versions had an additional capacitor & choke. I'm try to work when that happened. The 1962 box doesn't have the extras but the 1969 one does.


Given your Rover is 1980 its tempting to think 3284 refers to 1984?

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