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  1. Hi all, after a long time, Last night I was a little daydreaming and looking old pictures "Toastie"and I found*..... http://flashbak.com/troops-of-the-royal-scots-regiment-demonstrate-their-grantapault-in-belfast-northern-ireland-in-july-1970-27706/ very interesting weapon* Jarda
  2. Wayne, Great pictures very original Rover 8FFR. Interesting, I've never seen a Rover 8FFR 40amp with heating. Jarda
  3. Thank, He had a feeling here that some photographs DBG looks much darker than Bronze Green, but I guess a lot depends on the light and etc. Jarda
  4. I apologize for my stupid questions, I know that this has been written here many, but I have all of the information chaos.:nut: First question: colours Bronze* Green( Land Rover RTC4042A) and Deep Bronze Green BS 224 / used by the military / are different or the same? - I think BG is the Land Rover factory mixed color and DBG is based on British standard and has darker Second question: what color should a military Land Rover leaving the factory? - I think BG and overcoating time are to DBG. Thank you all for your answers Jarda
  5. Another paint for Toastie is White (RAF DESERT RESCUE):cool2: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2029/2129375446_efa4fa9c45_o.jpg Jarda
  6. Wayne, I think that the stone (sand) is a good choice if you like and do not know the exact history of your Rover8*FFR . I saw some pictures. I thought that the basic color for the Rover 8 and 9 of the factory was DBG with galvaniset bumper and etc. on her spotted camouflage (DBG, stone or stone/ ....)? Or am I wrong? Jarda
  7. I remember you only (except for standard FFR Rover 8 and 9) that APGP with "Toast Rack". http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=42513 Jarda
  8. Very interesting topic. I found a photo of the training Toastie in Norway. Maybe "winterized"? http://www.britisharmedforces.org/scli_%20pages/graphix/gravesend/hugh_fox/hugh_fox_2_large.jpg Jarda
  9. Wayne Maybe it's a stupid idea, but I could not be separated intake manifold from exhaust manifold on my Toastie engine. They helped me wedges of hard wood into which I was beating a big hammer. I know this is a different case and the risk damage of a bell-housing, but ... Jarda
  10. Wayne, I just wanted to lighten the topic. On my Toustie I had no problems spliting engine and gearbox, it has been restored, but a lot of parts 24v specifications is missing :-( unlike your original state. My toustie holidays are shortened to one day> (busy at work) I only complete seperating the rear axle and brakes. photo of wings thanks Wayne Jarda
  11. Clive, Unfortunately, I don't know the year of the vehicle. I bought the filter on ebay, just know that it was used from series 3 FFR. Jarda
  12. Wayne, You did a great job.:cool2: I had a no problem with seperating the engine and bellhousing. Everything was from oil and splitting went smoothly. Good luck. Jarda
  13. Hi Clive, I have from Series 3 FFR CH26 47206D 2075 Jarda
  14. I was so happy that rectifier has arrived, I took him for a walk to the Prague Castle:red:
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