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Garwood 20t winch

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I have a garwood Winch, Been told it is a 20ton but dont know for sure?

Ihave the numbers off it and was wandering if i could get some help from the Wrecker world?


Garwood Detroit


Model 5M723-B-B

SER# A-244651


Any help appreciated


regaurds, Brad

20 ton 1.jpg

20 ton 3.jpg

20 ton 2.jpg

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Hi Brad.


5M723-B Is the part No for the Garwood winch fitted to a Diamond T 980/981 You will find plenty of photogaraphs to compare in the Diamond T gallery thread on here.

The number 12y4524 is the part No for the winch brake case cover located the opposite side of the worm gear case from the winch drive cog. The winch is rated at 40,000 lb which is about 20t's. The cable should be 7/8 ths of an inch in diameter.

The 980 winch differs from that fitted the 981 in that the 980 has a cable capacity of 300ft as apposed to the 981 which holds 500ft. Unfortunatly I cannot tell you which of the 2 it is with the information I have but I hope this helps you.


Regards Steve....

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Hi again Brad


Now you have added pictures I can see your winch definatly looks like it is off a DT 980/981 but I can see 1 difference. The location of the winch drive chain/cog and the box for the winch brake are reversed. If you follow this link and scroll down the page you will see photographs of the winch fitted to a Diamond T to compare yourself.







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I think the Boat yard that put the winch on the Back of the CCKW swaped it around some how? Theres no mistaking it for anything else thats for sure. It works well Ive used it to pull stuff for fun..the previous owner cabled the front tow hooks to a tree and tried to pull something with the winch and ripped the truck frame clean off to the front spring shackles:shocked: bumper and all?

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It does Roy, Ord 9 snl G-509. I actually have two copies, a hard bound copy which includes the allowances datd 1951 and a softbound copy which does not, dated 1944. If you need any more info from them, feel free to ask. I am away in Normandy for a couple of weeks from tomorrow but will catch up when i get back. These things turn up on e-bay every now and again, and you could try portrayal press (http://www.portrayal.com).



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Hi Ken

Yes did get a manual from Portrayal Press (thanks for the info/contact). It covers what we needed and has helped in other areas of our rebuild. However it does not have the exploded views which you sent me of the winch. I'm cetainly not complaining about what I recieved nor suggest that what you have is what I would have expected from Protrayal, I'm just advising your manual seems to have more info.

Regards Roy

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