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Ashley say`s hi to all


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Hi all,

i have been browsing this site for a while,have joined and decided on a short intro TAAAAA DAAAA.

I have spent most of my colecting years as a german militaria collector, but after amassing tons if cloth insignia i sold it to by a jeep approx 5 yrs ago.

The jeep in question, a ford (feb 1945) i have known of since the early eighties, and have driven it on several ocaisions since then, befor accuring it.

Being different it is painted in Kahki (Dk earth matt)

Though i still primarilly collect german helmets and iron cross`s (when i can afford them) i have used the jeep as an extension of my intrest in military items (plus it gets me out of the house :P )

so here`s hoping to see you at the shows



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Hi Steve,

i live in Poole in Dorset, tend not to travle to far in the jeep though have done Beltring for several years on the trot, But the main reason is that there is always some thing happening locally.


When i get time i will attempt to do some picture posting.



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