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Starting procedure on a T-64

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For the BMP series it goes like this.

Find the air start flask and turn that on (pray that either the batts or the flask have a full charge).

Find the main isolator and turn that on.

Find the button for the oil pump and hit that until the oil pressure gauges read about 50 psi... When the gauge is reading right release and hit the electric or the air start (preferred) button.


Try giving Duncan Nicholson a ring (http://www.tanksforsale.co.uk) - he should be able to talk you through it!!!

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I have a T-62 operator's manual in English - I'm at work on Wednesday so I'll dig it out for you. The T-64 is a fair bit more advanced but it should help with translating the controls :)


Beware: most Soviet MBTs have a idiosyncratic steering method - the two tillers each have two locking positions (forward and middle) and a variable non-locking one (pull back). Forward is final drive gear of 1:1, middle is final drive gear of 2:1 and pulling hard back towards the driver operates the track brake on that side. You can do most gentle turns just with the first two positions, but exiting the turn is a two-step process - straighten out by putting both tillers fully forward, then pull the opposite tiller to turn the other way.


If you're used to driving a 432 you'll instinctively try and start a turn by pulling one tiller and exit the turn by pulling the other - this will leave you making a beeline for the gatepost! :nut: Take it easy and leave yourself a bit of extra manoeuvring room and you'll be fine :D



ps: how many people own a tank but don't know how to make it go? :shocked:

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Bear in mind the Americans probably won't have had a lot of examples to play with when that manual was written, so they'd want to keep them in good nick too ;)


The vehicles in fig1-1 were ex Syrian,captured by Israel and supplied to the US along with other types including BMP1 in the mid 1970s, (the colour photo declasified was used in many books including modern soviet armour printed in 1979).


the US had sufficient in USA to be used as Opfor vehicles in the 1970s, the israelis had a fair number that remained in storage for want of a use -so replacements were available. Unlike the T54/55 Tiran, it was not rated by the israelis as a service vehicle

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