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Supplier of Windscreen Rubbers


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Here's a Norwich-based company which extrudes rubber sections for windscreen surrounds/frames - they work with several classic /vintage vehicle clubs and have around 1,000 extrusion dies.


If you need a specific rubber section for your vehicle, then if they can't already match up what you need they will make a die for between £100 and £160 to do the job. Pretty cheap if spread over several vehicle owners!


I've used them for many years and can highly recommend them.


Just send a sample section or an accurate scale drawing them:


info@walker-rubber.co.uk or tel. 01603 415044

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Clive - the closed cab GMC screen rubber corners are moulded to shape in order to achieve the tight radius.

I don't think a straight extrusion will be anywhere near so effective.


If RW cannot supply I'm sure he will point you in the right direction. I've picked up a couple in recent years.

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If I recall, the only place I could locate the inner screen rubber surround was "Chevys of the 40's" in the US. Rex didn't have any, or know where to get them. I believe the rubber surround is the same for the late 30's civilian Chevy/GMC trucks, but call these guys up - they'll know exactly what you need. I think price was good too - $40 or similar.



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