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Hello everyone, This is Billy-Gumbo. We are brothers, I'm Billy and my brother is Gumbo, or dumbo if he's not listening!


We have a shared interest in all classic vehicles and machinery from traction engines up to the early 1970s. Our favoured area is motorcycles and we have three each and one shared "project". We also enjoy motorhome camping (we have one each) and through-out the show season you'll usually find one or both of us camped for the weekend at one rally or another.


We're mainly Matchless "specialists" as Bruv has a 1940 G3L in military trim and a 1964 G2 CSR, whilst I have a c1939 G3WO that was ciivilianised in Egypt after the war and a 1961 G2. I also have a small Excelsior from the immediate post-war period that some wag has dressed in military trim.


Bruv has a superb classic Bedford camper van and my wife and I have a superb US RV. If you see an RV with the Matchless legend on the spare wheel cover, that'll be me!


Since discovering, three years ago, that my G3WO is welcomed at War & Peace even though its in civilian trim, has opened new doors for us as we can now attend classic military vehicle shows as well as the usual steam and transport rallies.


Also, I'm quite taken with the James ML (military lightweight) motorcycle and I am seeking to purchase one when I can find one with a reasonable price tag and not a telephone number price! As you will know (?) James motorcycles were bought out by AMC in the early fifties and so, since then, they are all part of the famous Matchless clan.


Anyway, enough about me. This forum seems a good place to look for a James ML and whilst doing so I can amuse myself with the wealth of intersting knowledge and detail that this forum provides. Cheers :red:

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