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Seen on my travels


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A very sorry-looking Hunter, slowly being dismembered just outside Woodhall Spa.:embarrassed:[ATTACH=CONFIG]37956[/ATTACH]


Owned by Jon Davison, he is working on it, but because of its location doesn't wan't to put too many nickable parts on it until security is improved. He Owns, has owned several Aircraft. He is currently rebuilding a Tiger Moth that was groundlooped many years ago. It should be ready to fly into Waddington Airshow this year. The Hunter T7 of course will never fly again!


Not being dismembered, being slowly assembled. It is a loved aircraft, and he would like it to be known it isn't scrap, being broken up, or there for souvenir hunters. Hopefully in the coming Summer months it will look a lot better.

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Beats a garden gnome any day.



OOPS ! just upset my mate asked him why they use East European men to mount aircraft on, With a name like Porembski and being of Polish nationality I should have been more diplomatic... now how do I get this adjustable spanner out of the back of my head without getting blood on my clean shirt ?:nut:

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