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Wish we'd have been given this version with the underlift, slightly better than our's I think.


From the Rheinmetal defence website,


New MAN heavy tactical recovery vehicle combines high off-road mobility and heavy-duty recovery capabilities


Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH's new MAN heavy tactical recovery vehicle (HTRV) is debuting at Eurosatory 2010 in Paris.


Built on a tried-and-tested SX45 8x8 welded closed-box chassis and designed for maximum off-road mobility, the HTRV is able to recover heavy vehicles in suspended as well as supported (underlift) tow mode. Fully air-conditioned, the HTRV features level 3/3b mine protection, ensuring a high degree of battlefield survivability.


The new HTRV is the latest member in a long line of 6x6 and 8x8 recovery vehicles. The German Bundeswehr, US Army and the armed forces of many other nations are increasingly opting for armoured 8x8 recovery vehicles for use in deployed operations.


Tactical vehicles weigh more today as a result of heavier armour and other special features and equipment. This explains the need for a new generation of high-performance recovery vehicles that can keep up with armoured formations and move in quickly, safely and efficiently to recover stricken vehicles in battlefield conditions.


Following an internal selection process, Miller Industries Towing Equipment Inc. of Ooltewah, Tennessee in the United Sates was invited to take part in a joint venture project. The company has a longstanding history of supplying high-quality equipment to industry and government.


Miller's unique recovery boom is a very versatile recovery system. It features a crane with a lifting capability of up to 20 tons, two independent winches for righting vehicles and a direct winch enabling 360° operations around the recovery vehicle. Miller also offers worldwide service and EU-based engineering through Boniface Engineering Ltd in the UK.


Modern armies need recovery vehicles that are able to lift and tow vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of up to 40 tons. The ability to unload and winch heavy containers weighing up to 50 tons from disabled vehicles is equally important.


In the age of asymmetric warfare, improvised explosive devices and suicide bombers pose new threats to military vehicles. To meet these the MAN heavy tactical recovery vehicle provides level 2/2b - 3/3b protection for the crew.


Other features include large-capacity stowage bins for additional equipment; the ability to operate at temperatures ranging from +49°C to -35°C (recovery module) and -46°C (chassis); full EMI/EMC compliance; and assured mobility in rough off-road conditions. Moreover, the HTRV has a maximum fording depth of 1,500 mm in salt and fresh water. The vehicle is NBC protected and equipped with a cab-mounted weapon station.


Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH can respond flexibly to new customer requirements, providing various options such as EKA (i.e. for the British Army) and the EMPL system, which has been successfully tested and deployed by different European armies.

pix.gifContactRheinmetall AG

Corporate Sector Defence

Press and Information

Oliver Hoffmann

Rheinmetall Platz 1

40476 Düsseldorf


Phone: +49 211 473-4748

Fax: +49 211 473-4157

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