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Wiper blade question on 1974 Series III Lightweight FFR-they are different sizes??


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I probably should have posted this on the "Stupid Question " part of the forum but since I am new to working on certain parts of my rover...it might not be real stupid. I need new rubber on my windshield wipers. I figured how to take off the blades by lifting the little tab with a srcew driver and pulling outward. According to my Rovers North Land Rover's Owners Guide, which is a fancy name for their spare catalog, thy call the straight arm kind like I have -the new model as opposed to the arm with the hook on the end. Anyway, when I got them off, I noticed that they were different lenghts...and you guessed it....I didn't pay attention to which came from where. Question-are they supposed to be different lenghts (rubbers are 9 3/4" and 10 3/16" when lying flat). The acual rubber blade holders appear to be of slightly different designs but basically the same. The holders (which I guess you could slide new rubber into if just the refills are still available) are 9 3/16" long and 9 13/16" long respectively when lying flat). I probably have two different size blades because maybe just one needed to be replaced at some time in the past. What size should I have to be standard and if anyone has a Land Rover part number that I can look up on the net or order from, I would be greatly appreciative. Also, is there a couple of Land Rover internet parts shops that you guys regularily use as I need to get a couple of other smaller parts. best regards, Bil

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At a guess they are the same as anormal Serries 3.

Which should make them 10"

Having bought some reacently I should be able to find the reciept but it appears to be filed in a safe place.

My parts catalogue gives 4 numbers but I think PRC1330 is the most likly one, but would double check when you buy.

Prices vary and so does quality. Depends how often you drive in the rain.



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With all the supercession numbers , old Unipart etc..


Obviously at that price they are not genuine Rover or Trico (OEM)


June 1988 cat.


575437 stainless steel type finish


PRC1330 matt black


You need to try cheapo against a good un , obviously dependent on your climate (cheap could be more cost effective) , wet days in year when used and hot sun that cream crackers the rubber .....




You probably don't have the right arm.


You may need to decide what crank is best for LHD & parking so not to strike the screen frame, there is a choice of SS or Matt black, straight or 20 degree crank.


Nothing is ever easy , why not just try a set of these to make life easy (better cheapo)




While you are on get some of these :-




A PO over the pond has probably lost them , sounds like you have wrong kit on.




There is another aftermarket stainless arm that is quite good (but sometimes hard to get) - it has a little spring clip to release the arm - then you can adjust the length for fine tuning...

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Not to my knowledge, there are two different wiper arms, one type straight the other type cranked 20 degrees and this decides which blade is used. The cranked type is much more expensive than the type for the straight arm. Blade for straight arm Pt No PRC1330, cranked arm Pt No STC3302. Craddock also lists an adjustable arm for left side of vehicle but I have no idea of the purpose of this or which blade it takes.

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Thanks to all for the internet sites. Two other things that I cannot find. I may be calling them the wrong names.The first is the ventilator knob. The little knob that you pull up or push down to open the vent below the windscreen. I have one and need one. Kind of shape like a tall mushroom (sorry, I know that sounds stupid) and the other Item is the plastic bushing (you may call it a bush) that fits inside the upper and low hinges on the doors. There are two on each door. They may have originally been metal but mine are plastic. They are worn internally and the door hing pins are allowed to wobble inside and the doors don't fit as well as they should. Well, lets just say that new bushings would (might) make the doors fit a little better. :0) Any idea what they are called? Thanks again to everyone. I am making out my Christmas list and checking it twice!!!! Bil

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Ruxy...I swear I looked everywhere and put in every word combo I could. Good show mate! The bushings are pricing when you figure the dollar conversion. Wow, but I guess I need them. With reference to the mushroom knob, I may have described it wrong. It was from memory. Take a look at the pic and see if you still think it is the early one. Sorry for being misleading..maybe. This picture is an early one from right after I got my Lightweight. Bil

100_3459 (Medium).jpg

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The above shows the later vent control lever knob - you don't want that one ! - if you wish to remain period , (you could as same leverage - they just push on the crimp of the lever end)...


The knobs on Lightweights came as part of a assembly known as "Dash ventilator control" - even at the UK / UK exchange rate - you don't want to be buying those !!!!


As always - Rover use the "common parts bin" but sometimes there was a big run over , the S2A knob (the part No. I gave you) was used on S3 Lightweights for years (well after 1976 IIRC).




Can't see the detail of your arms , the blades seem to have plastic centre for hook end arms , people do it for ready availability.

Military wipers are single speed , sometimes people fit a more readily available two speed & switch. sometimes these have a slightly different wheelbox and sweep of arc. Sometimes the parking is changed over , I have a couple of minta left hookers but they are stored away with bad access . I am certain they are as Solihull built - you should be OK with arm left hand 575430 & right hand 575431 and a pair of PRC 1330 blades (or NOS s/s).


The spline mounting bobbins (fit on spindles) the ones I suggested are after-market copies (cheap) , they come with a grub screw. Genuine would have a small hex. set-bolt so easier to check for security (in a strong wind - I have had the whole lot ripped off a spindle and blown away).

You probably don't even have the correct spline bobbins - the small catch at base of arm gives quick release for re-position or you can release the bobbin ..


Genuine blades are marked "Made in England" and have the trade mark sort of a box with a roof on that I am certain is Trico. Those copies on eBay are very good , no mark and no central reinforcement at hinge pin but they still work well - may be Chinese but I don't think so. Could be made by Trico , often a OEM will leave all marks off and there is always a slight difference. Likewise the arms - you would be hard pushed to tell the difference from genuine - no marks at all but I would say by a British OEM. There are Chinese about !!!! but even a genuine Trico rubber blade can have a short life on scratched glass ........

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OK, I thought I was through with this. If I order from John Craddock I can get the PRC1330 WIPER BLADE STRAIGHT FIXING SPRUNG TYPE...which is what I want instead of the flat blade. I can also order the knob for my vent from them. If I wait on the knob and just get the blades over here at Rovers North I run into an issue. I measured the width of the slot on the wiper blade I have and it is 7mm. I measured the wiper arm that slides into the slot. It is 5mm. OK, if I go to Rovers North..they have the following pages.. http://www.roversnorth.com/store/c-759-windscreen-wipers-washers.aspx On that page it shows wipers and arms. When you look at the lower diagram the one with blades 3 and 7.....7 (RNF238) is a sprung type but for 7mm arm http://www.roversnorth.com/store/p-6053-wiper-blade-10-black-series-iia-iii-7mm-arm.aspx Blade number 3 is the flat type PLD285 but it says 5mm arm http://www.roversnorth.com/store/p-4799-wiper-blade-10-black-series-iia-iii-5mm-arm.aspx They say both fit Late IIA and Series III. It sure would be easy if one was marked PRC1330!!!!! Do they know what they are talking about with this 5mm and 7mm stuff. I guess, not to screw up I could go with the 5mm arm flat blade but I sure would like the srung type. Have I confused everyone? Ideas?? Bil Picture from our recent air show attached for fun! A friend of mine is flying the one with the yellow tail.

WD 001 (Medium).jpg

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Addendum to my last post.I finally got to a human at Rovers North and he said the wiper arm width changed over time ..went fro 5mm to 7mm in the late Lightweights (maybe regular Series IIIs too). He said the RNF238 (the srung one )came with an adapter that could be removed to go from 7mm back to 5mm and that the other one PLD285 is just 5mm. Is that true? Good news, they have my bushings for the doors and the knob for the vent. Bad news.... the vent knob is $24 USD WOW.

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