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Saracen Batteries

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Hi All,


I've just bought this Saracen but there were no batteries in it. I know there are 2 x 12V 60amp/hr batteries but what I don't know is the physical size. Can anyone help with stockists and part numbers, so that I can go buy a couple!


P.S. Is there anything I should watch out for in terms of Saracen batteries?


Thanks in anticipation.

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Do you still have the original battery boxes?

If you do, I recommend fitting some reasonably sized batteries, not just going for the 60Ah originally specified.

This is useful if you need to turn the engine over a lot if you have any problems.

The last thing you need is a flat battery!

I have a Saladin and use batteries with the reference 643. These give a good compromise on size and price, and easily fit inside the battery boxes.

One thing to check is do you still have the original battery connectors on the end of the battery leads. The original connectors were a flat fitting with 2 bolts in them. You can get 4 standard new terminals and cut the old ones off.

Many years ago I got some convertor connectors, but haven't seen any recently.

Any local truck factors should be able to supply the batteries and terminals.

Hope this helps

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I bought a pair of truck batteries, 120 Amp-Hour ones for £70, about 4 years ago.... they've just about come to the end of their useful life for starting the beast, but ok for powering work-lamps etc....

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