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Where to buy Diamond T 969 engine parts?



I may be stupid but I've no idea which dealer(s) to go to for Diamond T 969 Hercules engine parts. Specifically I need parts for the Hercules RXC fitted to the Autocar, but the engines are almost identical and most components are interchangeable.


I'm after a crankcase breather/filter unit, thermostat and some other odds and sods which have corroded beyond use.


Any suggestions appreciated.


- MG

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Thanks Mike - That's the right base engine. I believe that to be the DT 969 version. The Autocar version has an updraft carb among other differences.


Sadly that one is already missing some of the parts I need so it's no good for me. Also I'd say it's about 5 times the price it should be considering his description!


Helpfully that photo confirms that the exhaust manifolds are the same so I'll add that to my 'wants' list as mine is badly damaged.


Cheers though - MG

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