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Dorset meet up...........


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A member of Dorset MVT is having his annual private get together at his farm so we are off over there tomorrow, minus the GMC :( but there will be a 30 mile road run :D so I will a passenger and kiddies will be crew members.


Have a good weekend everyone and don't forget to take your camera.





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Here are some pictures from yesterdays meet..............


This weekend is being hosted by Pete and his good lady Rita, fellow Dorset MVT members. They live in the New Forest and what a beautiful place to live. This was the first meeting of its kind and Peter is wanting it to be an annual event, and so it should, judging by the turn out yesterday there is a great deal of commitment from MV owners and a great deal of commitment from the host as the facilities and the locations were faultless...........and it looks like the Game Pie may soon earn the title of a legend.


It was the first outing for Colins Reo which he had just bought over from Norway. Colin was running it on old engine oil!! I am quite confident that we will see a few more Reo's in Dorset and beyond as they are extremely affordable..........so that is another one to add to my list! Kevin had just come back from Arneham and has bolted a few more items of kit to his Dodge! :wink:


Colin 2 drove down from Portsmouth with his good lady in his Jeep, unfortunately Colin lost his exhaust on the M27 somewhere so if you find it could you kindly post it back to Colin. It is always nice meeting Colin as he always has great bits of kit which is great as it helps to keep the kids quite........whilst they aren't repairing their MV's :wink: :wink:


We could only make it for the day as I have to get on with my GMC as it has to be ready for remembrance day and I am running out of time! But the highlight was again the road run. A two and half hour run road throughout the beautiful New Forest, what a sight to see 17 MV's in convoy travelling the ancient lanes of the forest, you have to remember that many thousands of men were billeted throughout the forest pre D-Day, so again you don't have to think to hard to see the past, the forest just hasn't changed.


The convoy was headed up by the Stalwart with a crew of ten.....children! Pete Blackman was doing the sterling job of bring up the rear in his WC. When we got to the pub I did say that I would buy a drink for anyone who's vehicle wasn't breaking down, didn't have a knock or wasn't leaking oil......so that was a cheap round then :shock: :wink:



At the end of the day, the way this group works is wonderful, 'anyone and everyone is welcome and welcome to everyone' seems to be the motto.


Until next time, roger over and out.



Colin's Reo, running on engine oil



Barry and his V8 Fordson



On convoy....




In the Dodge our driver and co driver, Kev and Jenny




Stalwart heading up





Lanes of the Forest and Colins Jeep







The pub stop and the pit stop







Thanks to Jack, the unoffical events photographer.......who now needs a new camera as he stuffed it yesterday :cry:

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Hi all,

this was a great day, and a beautifull road run. The parking of the stalwart at the pub caused a few raised eyebrows :lol: . One tip to all who participate in these road runs be sure that any Reo`s which are runninig on old engine oil are down wind as the fumes are naueating :shock: cough, cough.

Hopefully colin2 will sort out his tent(s) and pole`(s) for the next time :D

If any members here are wishing to take part i am sure you will be welcome, even if you are here for your holidays.

P.S. jack you missed a nice breakfast on Sunday morning.

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Hopefully colin2 will sort out his tent(s) and pole`(s) for the next time :D




.................Ashley, we best keep that amongst ourselves :shock:


To right about Colins Reo, we should of put him at the back, then anyone who got lost could then just follow the smoke until they caught up with the convoy.


Sorry I wasn't there for the breakfast but next year is the year!


......what time did you get to bed?

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Hopefully colin2 will sort out his tent(s) and pole`(s) for the next time


.................Ashley, we best keep that amongst ourselves :shock:




Look guys my multifarious poles was not a case of confusion. It was sound engineering experimentation based on emperical practice.


Snug as a bug we was.


Anyways I would have slept under the stars for a breakfast like that.


Thanks everyone for a cracking weekend.


Colin and Mrs Colin

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It is a good weekend the Road Run is excellent through the New Forest. This years is september details below!


10th/11th Weekend in the forest. Hyde Dorset. Camping and toilets available. Cooked breakfast available Sat & Sun. Road run Sat afternoon. Evening meal provided free after road run. Sunday a opportunity to explore the surrounding forest. Contact Rita & Pete 01425 654607

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