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Hello from Cheshire...


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Dear All,


Just a quick introduction.


My main interest is in WW1 vehicles - primarily the tactical narrow gauge (60cm) temporary railways used by all sides (www.wdlr.org.uk). I have a personal collection of several of the British & american freight cars/wagons. I am also a significant shareholder in a French WW1 steam loco (due to steam next year).

I was heavily involved with the Salvage Squad episode covering the WW1 armoured narrow gauge petrol loco several years ago.


I have been reading the forum posts on the WW1 lorry recreations/restorations - these are very intreiguing & have many similiarities to the Ng wagon project I have been working on.


I am starting to research a new project at the moment - a convertable road/rail tractor based on a Ford model T. There were about 120 of these "created" by the London North Western Railway at their Crewe works in c1917. They were know as "Crewe Tractors" - I have some photos on my webserver - http://www.wdlr.org.uk/wdlr/images/crewe_tractor/


I hope to get some useful advice from this forum!


Best regards,



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Hi All,


Thanks for the welcome.


Welcome Gareth,

I'm re-creating the WW2 equivalent, or I would be if I could get some time in the garage;



Sounds like in interesting project - not seen one of those before. I have seen WW2 jeeps converted to rail use.


Welcome Gareth, a strange intrest. So said I'll be picking your brains for certain. A mock up narrow gauge would go well with the Ternch Experience the 10th Essex have ben puttig on.


Hi Tony - there was talk a few years ago of us providing some equipment fir a WW1 display at War & Peace. Can't remember why we didn't make it happen at the time - possibly due to a conflict in dates.


Welcome Gareth,

you a member of Moseley Trust at all?

oops, just noticed your link :blush:


Thanks Mark - guilty as charged! the trust is www.mrt.org.uk





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