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M2 Cletrac High Speed Tractor


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Does anyone know what an aircraft energiser is? And what it is used for?


The only clue that I have is that the Cletrac has a rack for it and it is electrically powered off of the Cletrac PTO driven generator.


A bit of a cross over territory this and maybe an aircraft question...





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Hi Mark


I did find a picture of the said aircraft energiser after our conversation at W&P 2009. PC has died since then so will need to try and find another picture for you.


I never did check which aircraft had the facility to use an external starter. I can check this at the weekend as I will be seeing the guy on a large aircraft dump dig, who knows maybe we will dig ten up!!!


Where did you get your battery box made and what sort of cost are we talking as I still need one as does a friend. Just PM the details.





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Hi guys,

although your posts on this forum date from 2010, I wonder if you found more information on the energizer fitted on the M2 Cletrac. If not, let me know, I have a complete one with electric connection and plug and could send some photos.



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Hi I did get one in the end from the USA but if you want to sell it there is quite a few m2 cletracs around now that do not have them fitted in the holder on the right hand side (pto generator side) so I would advertise it .

thanks for replying I would have jumped at getting one as mine took long enough to find and identify as correct 👍

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Hi Mark, 

sorry if that was misunderstood. I do not have an energizer for sale. When I found out who made them (Eclipse Aviation), it took me a good while to find one. I also found the correct plug which goes into the control box. 

Do you have the book by D. Doyle and P. Stansell: High Speed Tractors? There are some very interesting and quality photos. They say that 8510 units were built. I think there were more then 17000.


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