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Hi, I'm StoneRoad


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Hello to you all.


I've been registered for quite a while now, so I thought it was about time I put fingers to keyboard and introduced myself! I am mindful of my privacy, which is why I stick to a username. (although I do use it in various places)

Not all that much to say! I've been interested in all manner of things mechanical, especially transport for most of my life. (even at quite a tender age I "helped" my father with the odd bit of spanner holding / dropping!) I've three old british motorbikes which have been brought back to life.

By profession I am a Librarian (working in industry, not the public system) but currently I am involved with restoration in the heritage sector - mainly working in wood.


When I have had a bit more of a lurk around, I am sure that I'll get around to adding my two penn'orth on a few subjects. And no doubt I'll have some questions of my own!


In the meantime,

All the Best


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Well guys

Thanks for the welcome!


I should have added Lifeboats (old and new) to my interests!


As for m/bikes, the smallest is a D10 BSA Bantam, the middle one is a Matchless "lightweight" 250 CSRish and the largest is a 650 AJS twin, (the last is the eldest from 1961 and the other two are from 1966) - one of these days I'll take some decent images to show people.


You're right, Tony B - wood is reet funny stuff to work with, at least if you cut a bit of metal it is likely to stay in shape! but I'm learning all the time.....


I must remember to update my profile....

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Hi StoneRoad - possibly your name should be MilitaryRoad ????


Past Haltwhistle this summer on the train from Hexham to Carlisle , about 5 to 8 miles east of Carlisle (north side of track) I observed some interesting restored WW2 vehicles in a garden. Sat at the correct side on return trip doing my best to spy and somehow I missed the place !!! Any idea what it was , forget now , possibly CMP - certain more than one ???

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Without deliberately meaning to avoid spending much time here, I have only been acting as a lurker for the past few months. I've been spending far too much time on other things.


I really must make more frequent visits.....as well as some posts.....otherwise I'll always be playing catch-up.


anyways, here again for a while, at least.




All the best



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Real Life has really been getting in the way of the interweb for quite a long time ! So, apologies for such a long absence, not even had time to do the usual lurking ...

Hopefully, some recent changes to my world may make it easier to spend some time on here. I'll do my best to at least try !


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