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Well, first of I need to apologise for my bad english, it´s not my native tung as I am Swedish.


Stumbled upon this site while searching for an top cover and some other spares for an PKM/PKT, I have got a general interest in militaria and decided to become an member.


I´ve got an special eye for Hägglunds PBV302, and to some extent PBV401 / MT-LB, as it was the vehicles I used during my military service. Kept an close eye on the restoration of an PBV302H, you can follow it here (google translate), http://www.pbv302.se/SE/index.asp but sadly no updates the last year and a half.


If you have any questions, if you need something translated or need some help finding something specific in Sweden (not that I really can see what that might bee) do not hesitate to ask!



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